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TMS 370, TMS 374

TMS 370 Programmer

TMS370CX0X (with 68PLCC, 44PLCC, 28PLCC package)
and TMS375C006 microcontroller, for IMMO Reader, car radios and car dashboards programming.

Function Specifications

Load and Save file, Read, Write, Erase, Verify, Edit Mode, Options Configuration.

Support these car models


Renault Laguna,
Espace Jeager,
Lancia Kappa Jeager.

Immobiliser:Opel/VW/Nissan 28 pins tms mcus

Car radios : DELCO : GEO , OPEL CDR 500 , 09351281 , 16239661 , CHEVROLET UL0 TheaftLock (95-2000) , CHEVROLET CD TheaftLock (95-2000) , CHEVROLET AM/FM+CD Delco LOCII (97) , PONTIAC Family TheftLock (95-2000) , TRANS SPORT AM/FM CD W/ EQ (98) , TRANS SPORT CDM (M:16166661) TheftLock (95).
FORD : 2006 RDS TI , 2007 RDS TI , VW SOUND 1 , VW SOUND 2.
OPEL : CDR 500 GM0500 (DELCO)
VW : VW Sharan SOUND 1 RDS 7M0 035 156B , VW Sharan SOUND 2 RDS 7M0 035 152B



TMS 370, TMS 374

TMS 374 Programmer

Designed for the security Professional, the RW4 will clone both Texas Instruments?(TI) encrypted and fixed code transponder keys at the counter. Use this key duplicator with Ilco Electronic Keys to eliminate the need for two master (original) keys that are required for "on-board programming? The RW4 is compact, portable, and with the 12VDC power adapter, it's perfect for "on the road services? Features: 1. Clones TI fixed and encrypted transponders 2. Clones fixed (T2, T5) code transponders 3. Identifies transponders 4. Indicates chip type, value, and manufacturer 5. Archiving capability 6. Updatable software 7. Built in "Soft Touch?keyboard 8. Easy to read LCD screen 9. Multiple language support



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