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The device is intended for programming of transponders, that are a part of automobile immobilizing systems.

Unlike the previous model the Gambit, new model Tango is the two-band device that has allowed to
add the list supported transponders with firm Texas Instruments products (Tiris ©).
The list of supported for the present moment transponders.
Philips transponders:
Temic transponders:
Megamos transponders:
Texas transponders:
All key makers for EWS allow to restore data in a damaged key.
Accessible from any EWS key maker: click Explore Key and follow instructions.

EWS Key Viewer. Allows to view the data of any BMW EWS key.
No dump needed. The vewer displays the key No., mileage counter,
VIN, transponder type, EWS model.

Unlike the analogous makers who have been built in Gambit, the new makers support models EWS for the Arabian countries, all makers allow to disable activated function Lock (disabled key). Besides the maker for EWS4 has possibility to work with ten keys while the Gambit supports only four first keys.
VIN to PIN for Hyundai & KIA
Also as well as the Gambit, the device derives the power from USB and does not demand connection of an external power source. Difference is use of drivers of other type that allows to avoid conflicts to other devices working through virtual ports.

Unlike the Gambit, the device has wide slot for keys of any size and three small holes of various depth for transponders of any sizes.

LED indication unlike Gambit is taken out on the upper cover of the case that is solution more convenient in using.

The program interface has the modern intuitive design favorably differing from the interface of Gambit.

Meeting modern requirements, Tango supports OS Vista that was not realized in Gambit

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