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Orange 5

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Omega Programmer


Omega Base is a main block, without it the other adapters don't work.Omega Base is not only a programmer, but also , as it is shown at the site, logic analyzer, frequency meter etc.. .
In practice the other adapters are used to widen the capabilities of Omega Base.
These adapters are connecting to the main block by special sockets.
The existing wide range of adapters enable the base block to operate with a great variety of processors and memories, to connect through K-line (which is widely used in automobile electronics), to function as a multi-channel logic analyzer, frequency meter, generator, oscilloscope etc.





The BeeProg programmer is basically intended as powerfull engineering programmer, useable also as a single-site programmer in volume production.
What about multiprogrammer and requirements for multiprogramming?
By operating multiple BeeProg programmers simultaneously you can use them in high volume production environment - other words, using more BeeProg programmers you can get a universal, up to 4 programming sites multiprogrammer with 48-pin DIP ZIF sockets, connects to PC by USB port.
It is important to mention, there is a concurrent multiprogramming system - each programmer works independently and each programmer can program different chip, if necessary.





The LabTool-48UXP USB is a universal device programmer, which works through your PC's parallel port.
It features a 48-pin universal pin driver and an expandable TTL pin driver.
It supports over 5600 different devices (including memory, logic and single chip) that's over 11000 devices including different package forms in current software release, new chips are added to the support lists every few months.
Unbeatable programming speed
Device insertion and contact checks--No mistakes!
EPROM and Flash memory ID detection.
Auto-sensing and self-programming.
Memory buffer auto Increment.
User-selectable verify voltage, one- or two-pass verification.
Easy operation--Get to work immediately.
Serialization function.
Project file save option.
3 Year warranty and software update via web.
Universal 44-pin PLCC, QFP, PSOP and TQFP adapter supports 44-pin chips.
Low voltage chip support.
Non-DIP device support through versatile converters.
File format conversion.




Connect device to your PC. Install drivers. Start the software. Choose Motorola or eeprom you need to read. It supports reading and writing of Motorola 705E6 processors, 24th, 93d and 95th series eeproms.

Press READ button, save it as BIN file. You can change some info in software window directly if you need. For writing press WRITE button.

Download update EEPROM programmer

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