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Product Name

Digimaster III


DigiMaster III also called Digi master digimaster III or 3 or D3. It is mainly used for odometer correction. DigiMaster DigiMaster III-III can also do audio decoding, airbag resetting, reading anti-theft code, and the memory of ECU

It includes a hardware platform with a high performance ARM11 processor. Supplied with various types of adapter, you can easily get an odometer correction, audio decoding, airbag resetting, n réinitialisatio engine ECU, IMMO, programming key Benz and BMW etc.It contains the advanced technology of programming new keys for BMW and Benz, CAS-BDM read / write and reset, erasing etc. 35080V6 many photos and descriptions makes your particular operation pleasant.

Full upgrade! New technology, new features

Update 1: DigiMaster-III now supports programming function key!

It is applicable for high-end cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW. Innovative technology for automatic programming of keys, multi-language operation, the complete program keys at once, effectively ensure the safety of the reading and writing data.

Update 2: DigiMaster-III automatic Internet update

Takes into account the new functionalities of the new vehicles thanks to its updates possible via internet

Update 3: Platform-III DigiMaster intelligent operation

Management of multitasking.

Update 4: DigiMaster III-integration of a network card.
Connect your cable rj 45 is you access the Internet directly to updates etc ...

Update 5: DigiMaster full-III Interface Operation improved

He broke with the original interface static monotonous, based on the core technology to support rich and dynamic effects IE and a completely revamped user interface very conviviale.Gère all languages ​​of course french.

Update 6: DigiMaster-III Digital High Definition Screen

Screen HD digital color TFT (800X480)

Some specifications for DigiMaster-III:

Super security: safety standard with "level of the bank" intelligent operation Platform --- Based on the CE 6.0 embedded operating system, it applies intelligent network platform.

Flexible investment --- Consumption innovative "Pay As You Go" cost you zero in hardware. Users can choose the modules or repurchase plan to use pay-per.

Perfect man-machine interface --- Based on the IE core technology, it is the Unicode encoding, supports the language in the world.

Strong support after-sales network - online technical support, technical support safe, efficient and thoughtful is the best in this area.

Matching operations while an automatic mode where operations --- original matching all in one, multi-language operation, the key is a go, to provide effective security to read and write data.

Mobile HD touch screen 800 * 480 --- Adopt digital high-definition color screen and touch technology specific; up business processes for mobile, no need to connect to the computer.

Fully support more than 1000 European, Asian and Chinese national cars, new models can be updated at any time. Some of these models are:

1) Support OBD-II odometer adjusting interface Volkswagen, Audi, Benz, BMW and BMW 7 Series models: E65 and Audi A6L CAS 2009 and Q7.

2) Read CAS1 BMW / 2 / 3 of the data by a CAN interface.

3) reading online CAS1 BMW / 2 / 3 / 3 + / 4, Mercedes-Benz EIS data EEPROM and FLASH by BDM.

4) Support the C Mercedes-Benz S-Class, E, and odometer adjustment EIA Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and other European Globalisation Adjustment odometer luxury cars, Chinese domestic automotive MCU and setting the counter mileage engineering machinery;

5) Support the Motorola / Freescale CPU series (including some flash CPU) read and write data.

6) Support the programming keys for Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Newly added automatic model for programming keys classy car!

Fixed mileage possible on all vehicle models European American Japanese and Korean
Not limited to:

Daihatsu Alfa Cadillac

Aston Martin Honda Chrysler

Audi Ford Hyundai

Bentley ISUZU GM

BMW KIA Lincoln

Benz Lexus

Citroen Mazda

Fiat Mitsubishi

Ferrari Nissan

Jaguar Proton

Lamborghini SsangYong

Lancia Subaru


Toyota Man














Truck motor vehicle Othe

Audio decoding


Airbag Resetting


Chrysler and Nissan



Fiat, Renault



Honda, Subaru






Peugeot Citroen Audi

Programming the Key


Illustration Item Vehicle application
 Digimaster III OBP adapter

OBP adapter

Applicable for odometer which needs (EEPROM)?airbag ECU?audio?ECU etc.
 Digimaster 3 ICP adapter

ICP adapter

Applicable for 93 series?25series?35080 ( EEPROM)?CPU?airbag ECU?audio?ECU etc.


Applicable for NEC series CPU connect free from removal.

NEC14pin connection wire

Use together with NEC- adapter?for NEC series CPU free from removal?

W203/W220 adapter

Applicable for Benz C/S CLASS, chassis W203/W220 EIS module?

Applicable models:1.W220 chassis EIS?08AZ60/1J35D?EIS?08AS60/4J74Y ?

2.W215 chassis EIS?08AZ60/1J35D?EIS?08AS60/4J74Y ?

3.R230 chassis EIS?08AZ60/1J35D?EIS?08AS60/4J74Y ?

4.C series W203 chassis EIS?08AZ60/1J35D?




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