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Electronic services

- Programming of the keys and remote controls of the cars: We can remake new coded keys for your Autos - motorcycles - scooters even if you have lost them all and even at a distance. 
- Switch replacement and replace batteries: The contacts on your remote control are damaged. We are replacing them.
- Replacement case remote: Your key is worn or broken .We are replacing your key case.
 -Reprogramming engine calculator (ECU) and Intelligent Servility Box (ISB): The Company is specialized and empowered in the field of ECU and BSI programming.
 -Programming of portal remotes.
- Mercedes EZS / ELV system repair: You have a problem with your Mercedes it is impossible for you to start your vehicle, 
• Centralization works but the key does not turn! 
• The key turns but nothing happens, the contact is no longer done you only have the mileage that appears and impossible to start! 
• The key turns but nothing is displayed on the meter, no indicator light but the vehicle starts
 • When cold the key does not turn in neiman EZS   

  Nourautokey Specialist in Automotive Electronics offers you the repair of your EZS and ELV directly in our workshops 



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